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June 01, 2015
dental marketing
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Dental offices and practices require numerous forms of marketing to continuously raise response rates and client interaction.  Here we will detail some of the ins and outs of Dental Practice Marketing.

Dental Branding – Having a good brand / identity that delivers your brand message to your clients seamlessly, is invaluable.  Dental Marketing Trends tend to create a standard for dental branding / messaging, and you will find that most dental offices marketing is quite similar to each other.  Our firm breaks dental offices out of that mold and creates brand messages that set you apart from other dental offices so you can carve out your own targeted niche.

Brick and Mortar - Over the years dental offices have gone from medical office design to modern spa and salon type interior, decor and build outs.  Determining your proper office location is dependent on your service menu, budget, targeted demographic, surrounding businesses, and more.  Our B & M consultants have expert knowledge that allows you to place your dental practice, in the highest traffic areas that drives you exclusive targeted client demographic to your dental practice.

Dental Marketing - Dental Marketing includes but is not limited to: Dental Direct Mail, Dental Referral Programs, Dental Web Design, SEO / SEM, PPC, PPA, Contests, Radio, TV, Events, Marketing Collateral, Give Aways, Dental Email Marketing, Signage and more.  We are your one stop firm that allows you to focus your valuable time on your patients, while we work diligently to generate your practice exclusive, qualified leads.

When determining what dental marketing tools you will need to grow or maintain your practice, you must take things into account including:

  • Dental Practice Size
  • Dental Practice Location
  • Dental Practice Services
  • Dental Practice Budget
The Dentists
Choosing Dentists for your Practice:

When we assist dental practices in dentist recruiting, our medical professional team building services are unmatched.  Corporate Branding Takes a deep look into your practice’s needs and can help determine the right dental professional for your practice.

We Verify:

  • Dentist’s Certifications
  • Dentist’s Degrees
  • Dentist’s Awards and Recognitions
  • Dentist’s Background Checks
  • Dentist’s Reviews
  • Dentist’s Employment History
  • and More.

We offer Dentist profiling, recruiting, digital career forms, background checks and more. Consult with us to grow your practice and create stunning campaigns and compensation packages that entice the best dentist’s to work for your dental office.  Our Firm also offers Dental Office Recruiting Content Writing for your job site posts.

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