Google Adwords

July 19, 2014
google adwords
AdWords...The Bright Side of Online Marketing

This is a basic article regarding Google AdWords.  For an Expert Consultation, contact Corporate Branding Inc. You’ve got to ask yourself.  Is your business right for Google AdWords? Does your business need to Acquire New Customers?… or does your business have capabilities to deliver product to new clients?  Is there a need for your service to the general public, and those that would be in need of your product and or service?  If your answer is yes to any one of these questions, you are a perfect candidate for the wonderful world of Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is not the only competitor in the Search Network AdGroup Field but one of the most popular and leading ROI PPC, companies around.

If you are unsure of the magnitude your company may do campaigning with Google AdWords, feel free to ask us our thoughts.  As we know some companies may just need a bit of Organic SEO.

Your First Campaign

When developing or deciding on your first Online Campaign. You want to look at the cost per lead versus your actual minimum or medium cost of service / product including profit. It is important that your Product / Service profit margin outweighs your Cost Per Click so that your PPC (Pay Per Click) gets an ROI .

A great tool from the AdWord company itself is is the Google Keyword Tool. If you are unsure of the keywords necessary to increase your lead intake, then hire a Google AdWord Expert. Corporate Branding Inc can expertly develop your PPC Campaigns, deliver it to the masses and help your ROI supersede your expectations.

Step 1. Keywords / Market: Your First Campaign, is harder than your think.  You will quickly learn the value of a dollar with Google. It is either extremely valuable or not quite the right time for you. First you need to Understand your Customer / Client.  Once you have a grasp on who you are advertising to, you can begin choosing the right keywords for the right campaign.
keyword planner

Step 2. Campaign: Once your Keywords are chosen you can begin developing your campaign. First we will name our campaign so that we can track each campaign to see how well it is doing. You will be able to track how many clicks, where they are coming from and there are many more reports that can be generated to analyze your data.
adwords campaign
Step 3.